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Questions about the Game

No. Grave digger is a powerful card, but you MUST immediately give the person you use it on 5 other cards from your hand. If you have less than 5 other cards you can't use Grave Digger. You'll simply have to wait until you get more cards! This is why it can be risky to hold on to Grave Digger for too long, as towards the end of the game, you start running out of cards.
No, Jokers can never be used to block a special card (except for Queen's Permission, see below). They can only be used to block somebody directly asking you for a card.
No. Queen's Permission is an exception. If someone uses a Joker while you are using Queen's Permission it simply uses up one of your chances. A player would need 3 Jokers to successfully stop you if you were using Queen's Permission.
Tough! But you can still use Jackpot as a bluff card. A clever player would never reveal that he had picked up Jackpot as the last card in the draw pile. It is much better to have people believe that you picked up a valuable card, because then they might waste a turn asking you for someting you don't have.
This isn't actually so bad. Here's what happens: The player on your left gets to pluck your last card. Then you get to pick up 3 new cards from the draw pile immediately! (see rule 7 on back of rules).
No, Ghost protects you from all special cards.
A Clever friend discovered a lazy trick. Just use your cards to mark important details about another player’s cards. For example, if you hear that Erik has “trash” “maggots” and “dead sheep” then you can use your cards to mark these names, like in this photo:
Then, when it is your turn, you can simply ask for those cards!

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